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Ask ‘Why?’ : Curiosity is the mother of invention. Being curious and continuously searching for answers often leads to innovative ideas around solving a problem. Ideas for science or technology can come from any sphere of life. What you see, what you observe can help you to lead your way to do amazing wonder with your ideas.
So asking the question is important. Why is the reason some things are a certain way? Every phenomenon has a reason. So think about your surroundings, your interactions with nature. You can draw Inspiration from everywhere and anytime: biking to school, playing a game, tour to a tourist spot, star gazing at night.

Inspired by events happening in the world: Science, engineering, and technology are advancing every day locally, nationally or globally. Look for the interesting space where you think you can create a project, research or solve a real world problem. See whether there’s something that you’re interested in, or you think you could help with.

Discuss your idea with people: You can discuss your idea with your parent, teacher, friends or any one you want to discuss and get feedback. Discussing your ideas with others help you give a different perspective that you didn't even account for. It also helps you validate your idea's feasibility and it's usefulness.
Stay curious!

How to select a Science Project?

Project Category Selection Diamond

project diamond
  • Print this diamond with all topics you think you can make projects
  • Read each diamond and cut it out
  • Put the items of your least interest at the bottom
  • Complete the diamond, by moving interesting diamonds at the top
  • Repeat this process till you arrive at the most interesting ones
  • Do this exercise to pick few of the most important categories you want to build your project

Once you select category

project diamond
  • Select the top categories you want to build your project
  • For each category think about the project ideas or topics
  • List down the pros and cons of each
  • And then select 1 best-suited one according to your interest, budget and time constraint.

Now Compare:

Suppose you picked 1, 2, 3 as topics

project diamond
  • Run the comparison using any of your fav analysis tool

Map it to real world applications

A real world application of your projects would help you to learn more about the technology behind it. Any idea you would pick can have a real world benefit attached to it. Example - Suppose you want to build a project using a renewable source of energy, now can you think about a situation where this can be used. May be in areas like deserts where there is an abundance of sunlight or a windy area where there is an abundance of winds energy. Mapping a project with real world application would help you understand its real impact hence, drives innovation and betterment of human life.

Tips for Effective Project building

  • Maintaining journal as you go
  • Write all results for analysis
  • Keep camera ready for some pics while you are developing your project
  • Use tools for research
  • Make use of paper prototyping, posters etc to demonstrate your idea
  • Get continuous feedback

Next Steps

By now, you must have some idea about making the submission for this competition, as part of next step, you just need to register with us and submit your idea. And answer few questions we are asking. Back your submission with media files of project idea demonstration using paper prototyping, videos, pseudo codes and etc. Basically, any medium to explain your idea in detail.

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